Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Shed Scramble – Metal up or Wooden out?

For the longest time, garden sheds have been made mostly out of wooden materials. Wood is a very aesthetically pleasing material with a naturally beautiful texture and that uncanny ability to easily meld into any milieu and still present a classy and elegant impression. However, just recently, metal sheds have been stealing its wooden counterpart’s thunder. It has become so popular nowadays that it would be hard to not spot one in almost any neighborhood.

The question then is which one is the better option for any person who is looking to provide a good and solid storage space for his cherished properties?

All about Wood

Wooden sheds are unquestionably beautiful. They are a delight to look at and, thus, have become staple additions to immaculate Victorian gardens. Pine sheds are the most common of this make. The best thing about wooden sheds is they are the most customizable of all sheds.  You can easily create additions to its exteriors and also take parts out from them as well. 

However, wooden sheds are the most demanding. They are one of the costliest, if not the most, to own. Wood is a material that is highly prone to rotting and pest infestation. With the amount of maintenance it demands, you can be sure to pick your wallets every now and then.

Meet Metal

On the other hand, metal sheds are very owner-who-wants-to-build-his-own-shed friendly. Apart from the fact that metal is one of the most lightweight materials around to deal with, this type of shed is sold with easy-to-follow manuals that allow owners to build it from scratch without too much hassle.

Though they are not the most attractive due to their stark appearance, metal sheds are very cost efficient. Unlike wood sheds, they require almost no amount of maintenance from their owners. Metal sheds made of galvanized metal sheets are very resistant to corrosive processes. Hence, they don’t easily deteriorate and rust. Plus, they are immune to pest infestation or mildew attacks. 

Which should I pitch for?

It really depends on you. If you’re trying to keep a garden that’s upscale then probably, the wooden choice would be a better choice due to its innate proclivity for stellar visuals. Meanwhile, if you’re someone who simply values durability and strength, metal sheds always rise to the occasion. Again, it all starts and stops with you and what you’re most comfortable with.

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  1. I agree with you. This makes me torn between the two sheds. Any say about plastic sheds?