Friday, October 26, 2012

Skillion Roof Sheds

Sheds are simple structures with roofs. Sheds can be used as a storage space or as a workshop. Sometimes used as a waiting place, or sometimes used as a place to take your time. The roof of the shed may differ depending on the design, style, and type of roofs, but the roof may make a big difference for your shed. You may notice that the roofs of the sheds are commonly hip roofs and gabled roofs. Now there is one class of shed that has a unique and better roof style, the skillion roof sheds. The skillion roof shed is a shed with a flat roof surface but is sloped and angled. The skillion roof shed does not have any significant difference from other sheds except for its roof, but with that one significant difference, you can find advantages and disadvantages. Skillion roofs became popular in Australia.  Many buildings and structures were installed with skillion roofs in Australia. Let’s try to find out its advantages and disadvantages and open our minds in installing skillion roofs in our sheds.

Here are some of the advantages of having installed a skillion roof in your shed. One, a skillion roof has a steeper and more noticeable angle or slope at which a roof surface is built. Two, skillion roofs are cheaper than those of the other kinds of roofs. Three, skillion roofs are easier, simpler and faster to build compared to other roofs. Four, skillion roofs allow a larger space for solar panel installation if you probably think of installing solar panel in your roof. Lastly, skillion roofs do not suffer from drainage problems because they have more angled and sloped roofs so they allow runoffs more than other roofs. 
Despite knowing the advantages of installing a skillion roof for your shed, here is the common disadvantage of having a skillion roof for your shed. The ceiling height of your shed might become too low if the slope or the angle of the roof becomes too steep. That is the most common reason why people choose to install the common hip roofs and gabled roofs for their sheds.
Now, after knowing the advantages as well as the disadvantage of installing a skillion roof for your shed, we can now conclude that installing a skillion roof for your shed would be very advantageous and would be a good choice. We can show it from the five to one ratio in the advantages to disadvantages of installing skillion roofs shed

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