Sunday, February 24, 2013

Double Wide Garages - Different Types

Nowadays, most manufacturers offer double wide garages in a 24’x24’ scale. It is a good improvement from the former 20’x20’. With the advent of vehicles getting bulkier, you can always opt for the former. Unless, of course, if you really wish to keep things as minimal as possible then the latter wouldn't be much of a stress to ask for as they aren't exactly phased out for that matter.
A double wide garage can have a whole lot of additions and subtractions to it. It all depends on what you’re leaning to get at. You can always ask your local manufacturer for whatever specifications you have; what things you would prefer to be included or excluded in the overall design of your very own double wide garage.
Ultimately, you must always make sure that you abide by the rules and regulations set by local construction mandates. After all, the worst way to turn the other cheek is getting a huge and stinging slap from the other.
There are also different types of double wide garages that you can choose from. There’s the simplistic double wide garage that allows only enough space for you to park your cars. Then, there’s the 7-pitch double wide garage that provides a good enough vertical extension inside. Third, there’s the two-story double wide garage that presents enough space at the top for a good enough second story. While recently, mega garages – essentially, double wide garages that are spacious enough to convert into a three-car housing space – have been earning quite the clout for a spacious second floor that you can do a whole lot of things with. A good thing to do before you send in your order is to talk to the manufacturer of your choosing, and perhaps tell them about specifications you’d want for your very own double wide garage to sport. That way, you can have your own garage have its own personality and fit perfectly alongside your own house’s and property’s exteriors.

All that’s left for you to do is to determine how much you’re willing to shell out for and what use you would have your own double wide garage serve.  

Friday, February 8, 2013

Saltbox Storage Sheds - Getting To Know It Better

Saltbox storage sheds are very interesting structures. As a matter of fact, they’re quite distinguishable from other sheds that one would find while scouring for shed designs as nice prospects. This particular make takes its namesake from old salt containers with wooden lids that resemble the roofs found on this shed design. History has it that this certain architectural design was implemented by homeowners looking to have their houses be exempted from immense taxation without losing too much living space.
If you’ve come to the decision of having your own saltbox storage shed as a great addition to your property, you’ve made a great choice. With its quirky design and its good space provision, you are sure to have no regrets by the time it’s done and over with. 

Nevertheless, this shed demands great accuracy and outstanding attention to details when building it. A little mishap in measurements and cuts of certain parts might end you up with a whole lot more to pay for and lose. The following are a few tips that you can employ once you’ve chosen to have your own saltbox storage shed.

Inquire about your limits. Perhaps, every community or locality has their own rules when it comes to building construction. Look up yours and educate yourself about the what’s and how’s, the yes’ and no’s. Do so diligently and no trouble will come your way. Neglect to do it and you might as well start and be on your very own road to perdition. I kid, of course, but I’m sure you know as to what I’m pertaining to.

Check up on your Plan. Saltbox shed plans come in huge numbers if you know where to look; if you’re there, only thing that is left to do is to choose one that’s much suited to your liking. However, to make the best shed possible, you must acquire one that is exacting on almost every detail and instruction there is.

If you really want to make sure and avoid further expenses due to mishaps and wrong turns, it is recommended you turn to your local lumber yard and give them the dimensions of the parts that you’re going to need in building your own saltbox shed from the ground up. That way, you are assured that the parts you have are the ones you actually need to make your shed.

Examine your list. A good saltbox storage shed plan comes with everything that you’ll ever need to know that’ll allow you to make one on your own. Professionally created plans has this in mind and will enable anyone to do things right the first time. So, check your plan if everything you want to know is indicated therein. If all’s there, you’re probably good to go, if not, it’s probably wise to ask for professional help or contact us

Like anything worth doing, you must be patient and true to the things that will help you finish right whatever you started out with. If there’s ever a single tip that you should keep in mind, it’s to know exactly what you want and work hard to get that. Once you've finished with everything, that saltbox storage shed will be worth every sweat you've shed to make it (pun).