Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chicken Coop Planning – Things You Need to Know

Currently, there are numerous types of existing chicken breeds. In case you are planning to take care of a dozen chickens for sustenance, or just for the purpose of breeding, or maybe just because you are fond of pets. With that in mind, you need to consider investing on a chicken coop or most commonly known as hen houses. Chicken coops are where hens are kept to rest and lay eggs.  It is a building where nests are placed so the hen can comfortably lay eggs. Basically, there are two different chicken coop designs that can you can select from. One main reason for having such different types is because of having some controversial issues with regards to managing the basic needs of chickens.  The first type is a coop with a well ventilated area; this means that chickens must have an adequate space to move around.  The other one is a closed coop, wherein windows and doors could be shut during uncomfortable weathers.

There are certain parts of the country or specifically states that have strict rules and regulations when it comes to taking care of chickens, most notably in having coops. Hence, it is a good idea to consult first your local authorities and include this in your planning. 

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